Boiler Service Dublin

Today I speak of a "boiler service Dublin" and all you need to know about this service. If you are in need of immediate assistance just ring me Ken Walsh now on 0872821255. I shall discuss today's post "Boiler Service Dublin" under the following headings

  • Who should I get to service my boiler? The Dublin Plumber
  • How often should I service my boiler?
  • Why should I service my Boiler?
  • Carbon monoxide

Who should I get to service my boiler? The Dublin Plumber

 Well right out the gate, you have to get a registered contractor and we here at The Dublin plumber are a registered installers and technicians for all boilers oil or gas. Therefore look no further just call me Ken today on 0872821255.

How often should I service my boiler?| Boiler Service Dublin

This is a great question guys and I would say yearly minimum, because again prevention is better that cure. So yes we need to check your boiler minimum once a year.

Why? To ensure that everything is working correctly and efficiently. Also keep in mind with your oil boiler, soot can build up and lead to the boiler operating at a sub standard level, therefore costing you extra monies. This is not such a big problem with Gas, however it would not be wise to leave any boiler go beyond the 12 month mark without a service.

Why should I service my Boiler?| Boiler Service Dublin

Well again guys the main objective is to reduce cost to you. How do we reduce cost? We need to ensure the Boiler is working effectively and efficiently and that its working to what the manufacture says it can do.

Also if you follow once a year check up of your system you are going to prolong its working life; therefore giving you greater return on you initial investment on the boiler. Also keep this in mind guys: We here at the Dublin Plumber will check a variety of operational systems and components will be checked including:

- Gas/Oil leaks - Boiler start-up performance - Noises that give an early warning signal of pending component failures.

The simple truth, your boiler is like any other mechanical system you have it checked and serviced so that you have the most cost effective and efficient solution.

Carbon monoxide | Boiler service Dublin

Ok guys time to get serious for a moment we have to be aware of this "silent killer”.  What is carbon monoxide? Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is a colourless, odourless poisonous gas and is a common yet preventable cause of death from poisoning worldwide. How do you prevent carbon monoxide? You can get an alarm which you should do immediately if you do not have one. However the best and safest solution to prevent Carbon monoxide is regular check ups. So with this knowledge call me Ken Walsh today 0872821255.

Boiler Service Dublin conclusion

Ok, guys one last think make sure your plumbing contractor is registered with RGII. We are fully registered and compliant here at the Dublin Plumber.

So waste no more time Ring me Ken Walsh "The Dublin Plumber" today on 0872821255.

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