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Today here at The Dublin plumber, we shall highlight in our post "Boiler Service Dublin | maintenance tips" some advice to help you, get the most from your boiler. We know and appreciate that it can be a costly affair, to repair and even more so, to replace a boiler. Therefore the objective of the post today, is to give you some useful plumbing tips and as a apart of our Boiler service Dublin is to provide you value through education and information.
So today, in this post "Boiler Service Dublin | maintenance tips" I shall discuss under these headings:
  • Boiler service annually

  • Turn the Boiler on

  • Boiler pressure

  • Your Radiators may need to be bled

  •  Boiler should have a Blue flame

  • No clutter around your Boiler

  • Boiler Service Dublin Gas safety

Boiler service annually

This is of the up-most importance guys. By now, you, who have being reading our posts; we are always saying prevention is better than cure; so with this in mind: I say to you the people of Dublin and beyond do your Boiler service annually. No matter if, you believe that the boiler is working correctly you need to service the boiler once a year. It is always a good idea to get the service in August or September so that your boiler is fighting fit to take on the winter months.

Turn the Boiler on

This is a simple plumbing tip, for you the residents of Dublin,but as simple as it is , it is powerful. Turn your boiler on every so often during the summer months. Let is run for 10 - 20 minutes, this is to ensure that the boiler wont seize during its down time.

Boiler pressure

Your Boiler will lose pressure over time, so you should keep an eye on the gauge. If you see that the pressure has dropped, you call me Ken The Plumbers Dublin on 0872821255

Your Radiators may need to be bled

OK guys, this is a common one, but if you put your hand on the radiator and feel that the radiator is colder on the bottom than the top you need to bleed the radiator. All you have to do is turn off the heating system before bleeding. You will find the bleed value on the side of the rad. Turn the value anti clockwise and you will hear the air escaping the radiator. Then after a time water will start to drip close the value and you have now just bled the radiator. Well done.

Boiler should have a Blue flame

So you have notice that your boiler has a yellow flame, this is a problem and do not hesitate to call me Ken the Dublin Plumber on 0872821255

No clutter around your Boiler

This I know to be true in most Dublin homes and to be fair all homes. We all think our Boiler is a wardrobe for our coats and shoes. Guys please do not put anything on the boiler as a matter of fact the Boiler needs space to breath it requires ventilation. So I hope you are enjoying my post so far and the tips I am giving as apart of "Boiler Service Dublin".

Boiler Service Dublin Gas safety

Now listen up, this is life or death, a Boiler that is faulty  and not operating correctly can produce Carbon Monoxide. This gas as I spoke about in an earlier post is a gas you can not see. It can kill. So you need to install a carbon monoxide detector. Also the best thing you can do also is get your boiler checked once a year guys. As we always say prevention is better than cure.

Boiler Service Dublin maintenance tips

So that is it today guys I hope you have got value from our post. I hope you are enjoying our posts as a part of our:

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