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We would first say, it is an industry norm to ensure that your boiler is serviced once a year. This service is to ensure that all parts of the boiler are running to maximum efficiency.

Of course it is a time to identify parts that are not running correctly and compromising  the efficiency of your boiler. If their is a defect obviously you may very well, have to replace or at a minimum repair the offending part of the boiler. Sometimes unfortunately you may have to replace the whole system.

 Carbon monoxide detectors

When, we here at the Dublin Plumber carry out a service; we also recommend that you install a carbon monoxide detector if you do not have one. Look quite simple a carbon monoxide detector is a life saver as simple as that.

Boiler service Dublin when to do it??

So you are wondering when is the best time to carry out a services on your boiler system. I would say the summer months make sense. Why ? well simply the use of the system is at a bare minimum and therefore if you need boiler repair or a boiler replacement this is the most prudent time of year. Also another tip for you, make sure the boiler services are carried out by an RGI (Registered Gas Installer).

Gas boilers in Dublin

So here I am just going to inform and educate you on the different boilers. There are 3 main Gas Boiler Service available.

  • Combi boiler
  • Regular boiler
  • System boiler

Combi boiler

A combi boiler is a much more compact system and therefore reduces the space required for installation in your Dublin home. As the heating and the hot water are combined in one source installation is easier and more efficient and hence quicker and more importantly cheaper to install. Another benefit is that they reduce the water bills.

 Regular boiler

This boiler the regular model control the central heating system and heat the water separately in the hot water cylinder. This system requires a lot more space pipes and equipment.

System boilers

This system similar to the regular stores the hot water in a cylinder. However the system is more efficient than the regular normally. It takes less time for the system to heat the water than the regular model.

Need a Dublin boiler service?

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Boiler services Dublin all areas

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Dublin boiler services with me Ken Walsh

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