Emergency plumber Dublin Situations

Emergency plumber Dublin Situations

Today's post is all about emergency plumbing situations. In this post titled "Emergency plumber Dublin Situations" Let me begin. Being is an emergency plumbing situation can be extremely successful. Home owners can experience this unexpected event completely out of the blue. Which is even more stressful is the cost and damage an emergency plumbing situation can cause.Allied to this stress such plumbing situations can be dangerous and hazardous to you the Dublin home owner.

Emergency plumbing Dublin situations

  • A Burst Pipe
  • Gas Leak

A burst pipe | Emergency Plumbing situation Dublin

This is undoubtedly on of the most common plumbing emergency in any house hold. The main reason for a burst pipe can be freezing conditions, but of course there are many others. But the real problem with a burst pipe is not the cost of fixing or replacing, but the damage it can do to your home. If you have a pipe burst in the floor or ceiling it can take some time to notice. However in this time the damage is accumulating.

Prevention of Burst Pipes

As I have said burst pipes can do untold damage and quite simply be devastating. So there is no doubt prevention is better than cure,Let me highlight some ways to prevent such an emergency plumbing situation.  
  1. Make sure you know where your MAINS VALUE is.
  2. Always make sure the the path to you Main value is clear and easily accessible. Once you know you have a burst pipe go switch off the mains immediately.
  3. It is of the utmost importance that you have all your pipes insulated both inside and outside.Also make sure you do not leave joints exposed a common mistake.
  4. Make sure your pipes in the attic and garages are lagged this is essential to efficient performance of your plumbing and heating systems.
  5. When putting pipes in, in outside locations make sure that the pipes are buried deep into the ground.
  6. Have your Central Heating System serviced regularly.

Gas Leak | Emergency Plumbing Dublin situation

  • If you smell gas in your home turn it off immediately. Now this is why you must familiarize yourself with where you can shut off the gas supply.
  • Then you have to get fresh air into the house to dispel the gas open all windows.
  • while letting air into the house avoid using any electrical switches as you do not want to use anything that may spark as it will cause an explosion.
  • Avoid smoking or any naked flames.
  • Call The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh 087 2821255

How do I prevent gas leaks?

We have always said it and we keeping telling you "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" Regular maintenance is key. Make sure your Plumber is register. Also you should have a carbon monoxide alarm which is working correctly in your home. I wrote a more in depth blog on this a few weeks ago. Make sure you have this device working correctly as this truly is a life saver.

Emergency Plumbing Dublin situation Conclusion

So that is it from us today guys. I hope you enjoyed it and gained some valuable tips. Please call me Ken Walsh on 087 2821255.

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