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There is no denying that your plumbing system is a very important part of your homes infrastructure and one that needs to be protected and monitored. All to often people over look the importance of their plumbing system until it is too late. The real issue is when something goes wrong with your plumbing it can have devastating results. and have no doubt prevention is better than cure. I hope in today's post "Plumbers Dublin more Advice" you will get value and we aim to open your eyes here at The Dublin Plumber, to save you money in the long run.

Let us discuss "Plumbers Dublin more Advice" under these headings:

  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Tree Roots
  • Trash
  • Drain cleaners
1.Grease                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Grease is a big problem and causes untold harm to your plumbing system and very often the culprit to many an emergency plumbing issue. What happens, well many of us decided to pour grease from a deep fat frying or frying pan down the sink. What then happens is the grease over time builds up in the pipes and it narrows the pipes and as time goes by the grease hardens and also traps other debris and then you end up with a clog or a block. Then you will need to call me Ken Walsh The Dublin Plumber on 0872821255

2.Hair                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hair yes hair is one of the offending parties when it comes to plumbing problems. The location mainly of this problem is nearly always in the shower tray. Again over time it build up and traps other materials and eventually you end up with a blocked shower tray. You should buy a shower trap and this will collect any hair or other unwanted material slipping down the drain and causing a blockage in your pipes. If you have an issue call me Ken Walsh The Dublin Plumber on 0872821255

3.Tree roots

This is not an obvious one to you I bet. But be under no illusion Tree Roots reek havoc. The best way you prevent this problem of roots damaging pipes,  is when planting do not plant close to pipes or you are asking for problems later on.


Trash yes trash, let us be honest here many of us chuck Paper, plastic, glass, metal, and  other articles of trash down our sinks down our toilets. without regard for the consequences to our Plumbing systems. This of course is a habit we get into, but a habit will eventually cost us a lot.

5. Drain cleaners

You have all been there we have a blocked sink or shower tray and you decided to run to the supermarket for some Drain Cleaner. This of course is your quick fix solution. However keep in mind the chemical in the Drain cleaners are very harsh and have corrisve properties and can harm your pipes while fixing the issue temporary at the cost of creating a major plumbing problem.

So there is our Post "Plumbers Dublin more Advice". It is of the utmost of importance to take care of your plumbing systems guys. You have to take precautions to save you money and to be efficient. There is no denying sometimes depending on the issue Plumbing repairs can cause some stress as the damage it can cause when a problem arises can be quite a problem indeed. So as I always say please use prevention as appose to cure. If you have an issue call me Ken Walsh The Dublin Plumber on 0872821255.

Our Post "Plumbers Dublin more Advice".

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