Plumbers Dublin with The Dublin Plumber blog review

In today's post Plumbers Dublin with The Dublin Plumber blog review I am going to go back over the last 12 blog posts here on The Dublin Plumber. We have been discussing and sharing tips and education under the term "Plumbers Dublin". Let me put the titles of the post under here and also we will have a link to the posts. Our objective with our blog post was first to help you to gain and understanding on what you should look for in a plumber in Dublin. Also we wanted to give you some practical tips on any plumbing problems you may be experience.

  • Dublin Plumbers with the Dublin Plumber
  • Affordable Dublin Plumber Services
  • Plumbers Dublin Advice
  • An Emergency Plumber Dublin
  • Boiler Service Dublin
  • Plumbers Dublin Tips
  • Plumbing Tips with The Dublin Plumber
  • Plumbers Dublin more Advice
  • Emergency plumber Dublin Tips
  • Boiler Service Dublin | Maintenance Tips
  • Plumbers Dublin General Tips
  • Emergency Plumber Dublin City

So you can see from the above titles we are fully committed to helping you the home owner in Dublin when looking for a plumber. If you are in the need of an "Emergency Plumber Dublin" right now. Call me Ken Walsh on 0872821255 or 01 4627472. So let me take each heading and give a little summary of what each Plumbing article is about.

Dublin Plumbers with the Dublin Plumber

In this post we spoke of our main Plumbing services where I will list below:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Pipe Replacement
  • Clogged Drains
  • Leaky Pipes 
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Sink Replacement
  • Pipe Repair 
  • Leak Detection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Toilet Repair

Affordable Dublin Plumber Services

In this second plumbing post for you the home owner of Dublin city, We spoke about affordability and getting value and how to save you money.

Plumbers Dublin Advice

In this post we spoke of 4 main point below

Low Water Pressure- If you notice less water pressure in your pipes. It could be  be a burst pipe a leaky pipe due to corrosion, there are many other reasons but my advice is call The Dublin Plumber. Call Me Ken Walsh on 0872821255

Leaking Pipes- This can cost you a lot of money as water leaking can waste a significant amount of water and you could receive a bill for usage that is extraordinary high. This is why I always say to check your plumbing systems bi- annually to prevent any unwelcome  surprises.Call Me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh on 0872821255

Running Toilet -The problem of running toilets arises when the flapper valve lets the water pass from the tank to the bowl. When it no longer fits properly, you may experience the problem of running toilets.Call Me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh on 0872821255

Clogged Drains – This happens regularly as we throw all kinds of materials down the sink. Too many of us do not think, but once you continue doing this you are going to have major Plumbing Issues as you are going to experience blockages. So be careful what you put down the sink.Call Me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh on 0872821255

An Emergency Plumber Dublin

In this post we spoke of the Qualities you should look for an emergency Dublin Plumber: see main points below:

Qualities of Emergency Plumber Dublin

  • Certified-:Your Plumber should be registered and certified. WE here at The Dublin Plumber are RGI registered.
  • Dependability-:This is of the utmost importance for you and one way of  ensuring a plumber is dependable is check if they offer 24/7  emergency service we do.
  • Time Keeping: If you have used a plumber on a few occasions and they do not show up when they say it is a red flag get rid of them. Time is important if you have an emergency. As a plumbing emergency can wreck havoc on your home you need the plumber to respond quickly.
  • Safety conscious: Your Plumber Dublin should always always be mindful of safety and always act in a safe way  so as to ensure, all aspects of the plumbing works go well.
  • Customer services: From the get go your plumbing in Dublin should Be courteous and professional and treat you with respect. If you do not feel valued get rid of that plumber. We here at the Dublin Plumber respect and appreciate all our customers , as with out you guys we do not have a Plumbing business in Dublin.
  • Professionalism: This goes with out saying but if your plumber passes the points above they will be for sure Professional. We here at the Dublin Plumber pride our self as being ultra Professional.

Boiler Service Dublin

In this post we discussed under these following headings:

  • Who should I get to service my boiler? The Dublin Plumber
  • How often should I service my boiler?
  • Why should I service my Boiler?
  • Carbon monoxide

Plumbers Dublin Tips

In this post we discussed different plumbing tips under these headings we mainly concentrated on plumbing leaks:

Fix All Plumbing Leaks

·         Insulate Your Pipes

·         Locate Your Water Main

·         Hire a Professional

Plumbing Tips with The Dublin Plumber

In this post we concentrated on 3 main Plumbing issues:

  • Drips
  • Leaks
  • Clogs

Plumbers Dublin more Advice

In this post we discussed various things that can damage your plumbing system within your Dublin Home. We discussed and explained the issues under the following headings:


  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Tree Roots
  • Trash
  • Drain cleaners

Emergency plumber Dublin Tips

This post we spoke of Emergency plumbing issues in the Kitchen and the Bathroom and here I will list what we addressed in the bathroom section but click on the heading above to take you to full post.

  • Emergency Plumber Dublin tips for a  Kitchen Disaster


Emergency plumbing issues in the Bathroom


Water coming through my ceiling from my bathroom when someone has had a bath?

The water takes along time to go down, when I pull the plug, why is this and how to fix?

My taps are leaking can I do this or this a job for an emergency plumber?

When replacing the bath is it possible to do this without breaking my Bathroom tiles?

Boiler Service Dublin | Maintenance Tips

This post on boiler service Dublin was a comprehensive post where we discussed under the following plumbing tips:


  • Boiler service annually
  • Turn the Boiler on
  • Boiler pressure
  • Your Radiators may need to be bled
  •  Boiler should have a Blue flame
  • No clutter around your Boiler
  • Boiler Service Dublin Gas safety


Plumbers Dublin General Tips

In this post we focused in on leak detection and what you need to do if you suspect you have a plumbing leak.

Emergency Plumber Dublin City

In this post we speak about the different area of Dublin where we offer a complete Emergency Plumbing Service. You will also find from this post no matter where you are in Dublin we have got you covered for any plumbing issues you have. So need " plumbers Dublin"? Call Me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh on 0872821255

Conclusion Plumbers Dublin with The Dublin Plumber blog review.

So today's post guys is pretty huge but I just wanted to recap on the posts we have done over the last 3.5 months here at The Dublin plumber helping you the people of Dublin make a good decision on all your plumbing issues. Whether that be a new plumbing project or a Plumbing emergency that you know we here at the "The Dublin Plumber got you covered for all your plumbing requirements. I hope you have gained much value from our posts. Also going forward we will be posting here on a regular basis on all plumbing issues that you the Dublin home owner may be facing. Also I am asking you the home owner of Dublin if you have any Plumbing related question please ask me Ken Walsh " The Dublin Plumber" here. So that is for me today guys and if you need any plumbing help in Dublin, if you want a quote on a new system or repair you existing plumbing system or an emergency plumbing crisis Call Me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh on 0872821255

Plumbers Dublin with

The Dublin Plumber blog review.

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