Plumbing Tips with the Dublin Plumber

Hello guys and welcome to my post today "Plumbing tips with The Dublin Plumber".  So let me continue, most plumbing problems revolve around 3 main issues:

  • Drips
  • Leaks
  • Clogs

So straight out the gate, I can tell you, to be aware of your plumbing system; keeping an eye on it and getting it checked regularly: you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run. The number one thing to know, when it comes to the plumbing of your property; is to know the location of the shut off valve. The shut off valve more often than not is located outside. It may also be found in the basement if your property has one. Knowing where it is located can save you thousands on damage if you have a burst pipe.

Clogs |Plumbing Tips with the Dublin Plumber

Ok, guys we all know that the shower drain often clogs up and this is an example of prevention is better than cure. You should purchase a hair trap to prevent the majority of hair and soap going down the drain which will eventually lead to a clog over time. I know many of you have a habit of pouring cooking oil or grease down the sink this will certainly lead to problems as time passes. What actually happens the grease will harden, have no doubt and then it will narrow your pipes catching any other thing going down and will eventually cause the clog.

Ok here is a home remedy pour a half-cup of salt, a half-cup of baking soda and a half-cup of vinegar down the drain and follow with two quarts of boiling water. This should keep your pipes clear. Also if you encounter a clog try a plunger but of course if it persists call me Ken Walsh The Dublin Plumber on 0872821255 for Emergency Plumber Dublin.

More Plumbing Tips with the Dublin Plumber

Leaky faucets

This on the face of it may seem nothing, your attitude may be it is only a leaky faucet but this is where you are mistaken as this seemingly small thing can be very costly. If you want to be 100% sure your faucet is not leaking put a container underneath and leave for a few hours or overnight you will quickly see.

Water pressure

Lack of pressure can indicate that, there is a build up with some substance in you pipes somewhere, if you have a low water pressure problem. If I we you I would just call a professional like me on 0872821255


This is something you need to be mindful of this problem. Corrosion can contaminate your water supply. If you see any off colors like yellow or green stains in the supply shut off the value straight away and ring me The Dublin plumber on 0872821255. As you need to replace the offending pipe.

Plumbing Tips Conclusion

So that is it from me today guys I hope I have given you some value and insight into what you need to keep an eye on. Please feel free to browse through our blog here at TheDublin Plumber. Also keep in mind we offer an emergency plumbing services on a 24/7 basis so call me Ken Walsh on 0872821255.

I hope you enjoyed our post today:

Plumbing Tips with the Dublin Plumber

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