Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips

Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips

Hello guys and welcome to our last post today for 2016 "Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips". This post we will be giving you some plumbing tips and tricks, you will have to read the post or listen to the video as we will be picking and mixing random plumbing tips.

Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips lets start

Let me start by giving you some simple plumbing tips

1 The first plumbing tips is know where your water mains shut off is guys.Why ? well this will save you a lot of heartache and cost if you can shut off mains if there is a bad leak.

2. Allied to number one  make sure all stops under sinks and behind toilets can be turned off without effort if a plumbing problem arises.

3.This next plumbing tip is vital. If you're installing or designing a new bathroom, make sure you have access to tub and shower valves from the other side of the wall.

4.  Now lets us talk of pipes,,galvanized water lines can corrode or rust shut.Plastic pipes - although far less expensive than copper - are not nearly as durable and don't perform nearly as well. So copper is best.

5.  When buying a new home, make sure the sewer lines are checked for any Problems this is a must, before you purchase.

Try not to use Drain cleaners

Straight out the gate let me warn you. Drain cleaners can actually damage your pipes and cause poor performance and also effect your health . Let me explore:

Effects of Drain cleaners

 The way drain cleaners work is by creating a chemical reaction, that generates heat.This is caused with the help of hydrochloric acid. These reaction can actually cause irreversible damage to your pipes.

Some thing to be aware of, if your pipes are plastic the chemical reaction can very well melt of deform your pipe. If you have metal pipes they are not immune to this chemical reaction. While they are more durable than that of the plastic pipe. The chemical reaction can weaken the metal which can lead to cracks over time. Older metal pipes are particularly vulnerable.

 Drain cleaner can effect your health, how??

Before I go on, I hope you are enjoying and getting value of our post "Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips". Lets us speak about your health. The fumes emitted from the chemical reactions can cause irritations to your nose eyes throat and even your lungs. Of course not all drain cleaners can cause an effect, but please be aware. Also be-careful when applying not to get some on your skin or you will receive a nasty burn. Also be-careful of your eyes always better to ware googles when using it.

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Of course you can use a plunger guys instead of drain cleaners, but I recommend you call us out. We will identify and protect your plumbing problems and put your mind at ease.

Plumbers Dublin random plumbing tips conclusion

So that is it today guys. Please feel free to browse around our blog for more information. Click here on "Plumbers Dublin".  Also guys here in our blog section we have many posts with loads of plumbing tips tricks and money saving tips for you the house owners of Dublin. So that is it from me The Dublin Plumber Ken Walsh today. I would like to say to all and especially our customers Happy Christmas and happy new year.


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