Plumbing tips for Dublin home owners

Plumbing tips for Dublin home owners

Hello guys and welcome to the Dublin plumbers blog post of "Plumbing tips for home owners". Plumbing problems can happen anytime and any place. There are different reasons for these issues. But rest assured, prevention is better than cure. A general rule on any plumbing problem for example if you small gas or a water heater making odd sounds call me Ken Walsh 087 2821255.

 Prevention tips and Plumbing maintenance.

First you have to find a reliable plumber

  • This is the best tip I can give you the homeowner of Dublin. Quite simple find a reliable plumber. This will give you the peace of mind that is you have an emergency plumbing issue, you know you have someone to handle it.

Prevention is better than cure so have periodic plumbing checkups and routine maintenance

So you the the home owner of Dublin  need to do this with all your home’s systems, including your water heater and heating and cooling systems; each has a reasonable lifespan. but you can extend the lifespan significantly with regular maintenance.

Here is a quick tip: know where the water mains is so that you can cut the valve if an emergency occurs.

At a minimum, know these simple plumbing tips:

  • The location of the main water supply line
  • Water supply valve locations for sinks, toilets and major appliances.
  • The type of heat, hot water and air conditioning you have (whether it’s electric, natural gas or propane)
  • Location of the main water cut-off valve, and how it operates

Plumbing tips dealing with minor blockages

  • Be aware in the bath or shower have a trap to prevent hair from going down the drain.
  • Too many of us  pour grease down the kitchen sink do not do it, full stop.
  • Always own a Plunger.
  • Home made remedy use baking soda and vinegar this is a much better solution than using commercial chemicals.

Plumbing tips dealing with major blockages

  • Please keep this in mind, a little drip can lead to much bigger problems if you turn a blind eye to it. Always be on the look out for damp patches or visual signs of mold or mildew. Any water running or gurgling pipes. Any of these indicators ring me Ken Walsh the Dublin Plumber on 087 2821255
  • If you see water is backing up into a kitchen sink or a bathtub. There is a great chance that you have an external blockage. Also something to further note is that water sounds and leaks can be deceptively hard to isolate, if you hear these noises, the best course of action is to call a me the the Dublin Plumber.

Plumbing tips for Dublin home owners

 So that is it from me today guys. I hope you have found the post helpful. Please feel free to browse through the site for many more plumbing tips and tricks especially on our plumbing blog. Also check out our website and you will see we offer a wide variety of Plumbing services.

Also be fore I go if you are in the Dublin area and need a plumbing company in Dublin, please call me Ken Walsh on 0872821255.